Virtual Tour

The 360º virtual tour allows you to discover the Metis Lighthouse from all angles. 
To start your visit, just click on one of the photos...

When using the 360º view:
- Glide the mouse curser over the photo and click on the left button to explore.
- Press on the SHIFT and CTRL keys (or use the mouse wheel) to zoom in and out.
- Click on the small lighthouse icon in the bottom right to access the lighthouse outline and other views.
- Press on the play button to watch a short video explaining the area in which you are
  (high speed connection required).
- Click on the fullscreen icon to enter fullscreen mode !

The Lantern Room
Enter the highest floor of the lighthouse. Here you can see the lens turning in a bath of mercury. This 360º video offers information on the light.

The Widow's Walk (in the evening)
The view from the Widow's Walk when night falls on Metis...
The lighthouse light takes over with the setting of the sun.
The Widow's Walk is rather difficult to access because one must climb an outside ladder to get to it. The view however is spectacular.

The Light
To get inside the light, one must come from underneath and stand right next to the 500 Watt mercury light bulb. Our photographer was able to do this in order to capture this unique angle of the lighthouse.

The Gallery Deck
On the floor where the motor is housed, there is a little door that exits on-to the lighthouse gallery. Click on this photo and discover a magnificent view.

The Service Room
This room is the floor in which the old crank engine sits beside the the electric motor installed in the 1960's.  A video explains the two sources of movement.

The Watch Room
The Watch room is located between the staircase and the engine room. It houses the cables and pulleys needed to relay the counterweights to the turn the light. A video accompanies this 360º view.

The Spiral Staircase
Discover the 103 steps that the lighthouse keeper walked several times a day to reach the service room where he had to crank the counterweight to keep the light turning. A video accompanies the
360º view.

On the Ground in Front of the Lighthouse
Just in front of the entrance to the lighthouse, this 360º view offers the view of the buildings around the lighthouse. A video presents the complex of buildings on the lighthouse site.