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This website was created to celebrate the centennial of the Metis Lighthouse in 2009. It follows the publication of The Metis Lighthouse. We are three people who share a passion for the one most symbolic element in our region – the lighthouse. The lighthouse figures prominently in local iconography, appearing on calendars, tablemats and licence plates. The regional school board - the Commission Scolaire des Phares - has incorporated the lighthouse into its name and logo. The publisher of this website – Heritage Lower St.Lawrence – likewise uses the lighthouse image on its letterhead. And the lighthouse has attracted generations of artists and photographers. Inaccessibility has added to its mystique. Whereas other lighthouses in eastern Quebec have become tourism kiosks, museums and interpretation centres, the Metis Lighthouse is easy to see but hard to reach. Few have visited in recent decades and fewer still have climbed the 103 steps to enjoy the stunning view from the top of the tower. The lighthouse remains an enigma to all but the intrepid adventurer. This website should help to demystify its history, making it more familiar to readers and lighthouse lovers.

Historian and director of the RefordGardens, Alexander Reford has compiled information on the subject and inhabitants for nearly 10 years. For Paul Gendron, his fascination is “bred in the bone”. It began with visits to the lighthouse when his grandfather was the lighthouse keeper from 1936 to 1954. In recent years, he has collected information on the lighthouse keepers, many of whom have contributed photographs and anecdotes for this website.  Website creator and photographer, Martin Bond’s fascination with lighthouses and the sea comes from his childhood summers spent in Gaspe at his grandparents. Since then, he has photographed many Quebec lighthouses in 360 degrees photographs. Internet users can take part in his passion by virtually visiting the building representing the link between land and sea.

We have created a page on this website to gather photographs and stories from the last 150 years, which, we hope, will contribute to the conservation of this historic building. Your comments, stories and photos will allow us to enrich the history of the lighthouse and insure and enhance its preservation.

Alexander Reford, Paul Gendron and Martin Bond


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Latest News

Ville de Métis-sur-Mer Completes Acquisition of the Metis Lighthouse
The Ville de Métis-sur-Mer is now the proud owner of the Pointe-Mitis lighthouse and its outbuildings...
[ continued... ]

Picnic at the Lighthouse
On the 2nd September 2013, the Ville de Métis-sur-Mer, together with Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence and the Association des Résidents de la Pointe du Phare de Métis-sur-Mer invited the community to a free picnic and information session explaining the project to save the Lighthouse.
[ continued... ]

Breaking News – Ville de Métis-sur-Mer Confirms Their Intent to Purchase the Lighthouse
The Ville de Métis-sur-Mer has taken the definitive step forward in the acquisition of the Pointe-Mitis Lighthouse site from the federal government. [ continued... ]

Metis Fog Horn
I miss the lonely three blasts of the Metis fog horn. One could judge the weather in the morning without getting out of bed. [ continued... ]
Ah! métis que de beaux souvenirs!
Dans la baie juste en face du phare j'y ai passée de belles vacances chez mon oncle Pelletier avec ma cousine Louisa, que de beaux souvenirs [ continued... ]
Préserver ce site est une nécessité
Ma mère Cécile Caron, devenue Coté au mariage, a habité de phare de 1925 à 1933.Elle m'a si souvent parlé de ce phare... [ continued... ]
De Québec
J'ai trouvé le livre de MM. Redford et Gendron à la bibliothèque de Charlesbourg. Et j'y ai trouvé des photos de mon arrière grand-père... [ continued... ]
Soutien de France
Bravo pour ce que vous faites pour sauver ce phare ! Il est très beau. Je suis passionnée de phares depuis quelques années. Ici, en France... [ continued... ]
Importance de sauver et protéger ce site historique
Il va de soi que nous, de la région du Bas-Saint-Laurent,devons tout faire pour sauver et protéger les bâtiments et le phare de ce site... [ continued... ]

[ continued... ]
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Staying in touch
To obtain updates about our petition and our efforts to preserve the lighthouse, click here.
Accessing the Lighthouse
Note that the Metis Lighthouse is owned by the Government of Canada at the end of a private road. The lighthouse is not open to the public.