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Learn more about the current and historical use


The Pointe-Mitis Lighthouse is now managed both to provide access to the general public to the site’s magnificent historical and natural ambiance and to serve as base for educational, cultural and scientific endeavors.


The first lighthouse was built in 1874 and then replaced in 1909 by the present structure.  The Foghorn Building was built 10 years later. Automated in 1972, the lighthouse ceased serving as an aide to navigation in 1999.

Come and experience this magical place


The site is open daily to visitors from 9 AM to 5 PM, but access to the site is limited to pedestrians or cyclists.  A dedicated parking area is available at the head of the road, and the 1-km stroll passes through the picturesque rural neighborhood.


For those wanting to truly experience this magical place, the historic Keeper’s House is available from May until October for overnight stays at the lighthouse. This comfortable abode can accommodate up to eight people but is only available on a weekly basis. Rental of the old Foghorn Building for educational, cultural and scientific activities is also possible.

Be part of the effort to preserve this heritage site


This site has been neglected for decades, and although rental income and grants provide some revenue, additional financial aid is urgently needed to preserve this magnificent site and keep it assessable to the public. Donations of any amount will be very appreciated. 



The management of the site is done entirely by volunteers, and additional help is always welcome.  From mowing the grass to painting the buildings, there are many ways to lend a helping hand.